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Hexacore Publishing Hexacore Publishing Hexacore
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Hexacore, led by the creative visions of Mikita, Alex, Yuri and Denis, is more than just a publisher - we're a catalyst for innovation in the gaming world. With a firm footing in technology and a deep understanding of the gaming market, we embarked on a journey that has taken us to the forefront of the Hyper Casual gaming space.

Over a span of just four years, our partnered games have garnered over 300 million downloads, significantly increasing our revenue and enabling us to double our size year on year. This phenomenal success, however, was only the beginning. Our unyielding ambition continually urges us to explore new horizons and redefine what's possible in the gaming industry.

Driven by our fascination with web3 technology and the potential of open-economy games, we've ventured into this exciting new frontier. Hexacore is now at the forefront of integrating web3 technology in gaming, creating a seamless and enhanced gaming experience for our users.

Our commitment to developing games with high marketability, easy onboarding, and an exceptional user experience has never wavered. Proudly bridging the gap between web2 and web3 gaming spaces, we deliver to our players the best of both worlds: the mass appeal of traditional Hyper Casual games combined with the revolutionary advantages of digital ownership and open economies.

Our team, which includes experienced professionals from various big-name publishers, is committed to creating games that cater to the mass market and provide a seamless experience for players. With our continuous innovation and commitment to excellence, we envision Hexacore becoming a leader in the web3 gaming space.

We invite you to join us on this exciting journey as we continue to push the boundaries of gaming, innovate, and prepare for a future filled with endless possibilities.